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Lynn Biddick

Lynn Biddick - Everybody's Blue

About Lynn Biddick

Lynn Biddick - Everybody's Blue
Born in the upper Mississippi River town of La Crosse, Wisconsin, Lynn Biddick started playing the piano at age five. She wrote her first song at age nine while riding a bicycle. "My creative work has always had a multi-tasking element running through it," says the singer-songwriter. "I have never done just one thing at a time."

Biddick moved to Boston to attend Berklee College of Music where she majored in piano and composition. She started busking in Boston and Cambridge, which led to gigs in clubs and coffeehouses across New England.

Her interest in songwriting eventually took her to Nashville, where she recorded an EP with producer Brad Jones (Josh Rouse, Jill Sobule). One of the songs, "Open Road," would go on to win the songwriting contest at Merlefest. While in Nashville, she also founded the "Born To Cook" songwriter show with Gillian Welch.

Biddick has now returned to La Crosse, where she continues her multi-tasking ways as a singer, songwriter, choir director, piano, voice and music teacher, and harmonium player in the Coulee Celtic Band. EVERYBODY'S BLUE is her second full-length album.

Contact Lynn at: lynnbiddick@earthlink.net
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